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Introducing the ‘IF – AS” Wildlife Program

IF we desire Colorado’s Wildlife to exist tomorrow  -  AS it exists today, we need to ensure their legacy by securing funds for projects that benefit wildlife and the people of Colorado.

Applications are accepted at any time. Although we are not a typical foundation with a “pot of money” from which to designate funds, our mission is to Identify, Find, Acquire and Steward funds to benefit Colorado’s wildlife every day.

Application Process Steps:

  1. Print the application form and review BEFORE proceeding to step 2.
  2. Create a Word (or other text) document with all necessary information to copy and paste into the application.
  3. Click on application icon below and type or copy and paste information into the fields. ALL "RED" FIELDS MUST HAVE INFORMATION IN THEM!

Note: the online application needs to be completed in one session. It may take 30 minutes or longer to complete the application, so be sure to have enough time to complete it, before you begin.


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